Monday, January 14, 2013

End of 2012

I must say, Christmas was not the same when your own mama is not around. She had to fly to Puerto Rico to take care of her mother. Gueli (my grandmother) is doing well - she was living at home alone and became dehydrated which was pretty serious because a slew of problematic symptoms arrived afterwards. She's stable now and happy in the mountains at a nursing home. She's 92 and still strong like a bull. So yeah, I think it was my first Christmas without my mom which was kind of weird. I kept thinking she was going to come walking out of her room. I guess it's pretty much a new era for all of us in our family. We all have our little families now. It was a little bittersweet thinking we'll probably be somewhere new for the next holidays... bitter that we will miss our families in Florida - sweet that our little family will be starting a new life together // now we can have visitors rather than have to drive to 3 different houses (its kind of exhausting). 

I'm happy I kept up with this blog even though I really would like to expand with it and write more. I use this blog to help with writing (dyslexia), record the major and minor things in our lives, watch our little one grow and also to communicate to people (hopeful start conversations) - I'd like to post more on my painting as well as some collaborative works with friends and my little Olivia. So, hopefully I can get it together :) (also interviewing people)

So, with that in mind - Future posts // Furry Fangs an Introduction // A very special Pizza Party for a two year old - as well as our first painting collaboration Mother and Daughter // What is Olivia up too - Update on her milestones

Happy New Year! Cheers to 2013

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