Friday, March 1, 2013

Furry Fangs: An Introduction

I've been meaning to write about this amazing project my friend, Sara Pointdexter and I //are and have been// working on for the past 5 or so years. There's been some set backs - really just life taking over. I think we are okay with our snails pace since it takes time to figure out what's really going on with this idea. The idea... Sara and I came up with is a metaphor of the //birth of an idea// yeah this post suddenly got harder to write. I'm just going to push on through in hopes it will make some kind of sense. Okay so... birth of an idea - the light bulb turns on and an idea is born. The idea being us collaborating and creating a new fantastical world (metaphorically its our conscious) and the light bulb being birth to The Furry Fangs (protectors of our imagination).

We are ladies of the forest walking along a path connected to our environment by a cord full of life. As we explore the landscape, we dive in deep into our consciousness... we explore the inner world of our imagination. Our guide is the protecter of the forest... our furry friends, the furry fangs! They help us along the path helping us with direction but most of all giving us comfort and compassion. We may have fears and doubts along the way, but we get through them together... fun moments of excitement but a lot to observe and analyze. Where are we? Does it matter? Can we move forward? Should we take a rest? Yes, let's rest before the next phase.

We had a show at Stardust in Winter Park, FL (in January). We wanted to introduce Furry Fangs to our friends, as well as, see if we hit something worth wild. We definitely felt as if we just opened Pandora's box but in a positive way. The ideas have been filling our minds everyday since. We are excited and anticipate our next show. Unfortunately (snails pace) this year seems to be such a transitional year. We are both moving in the summer so that's that. We do plan on future shows in our future towns. That should be fun! Anyway we feel accomplished that our vision has substance and that we will continue to work even if it takes forever.

eye of awareness
pod a.k.a the light bulb
cord of life surrounding us
forest lady outfits
Furry Fang (protector of the forest)
cord of life connected to the pod (light bulb/idea)

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