Wednesday, August 7, 2013

2.5 years old

Here we are at 30 months. (check out your last update at 1.5 years old) Olivia, you are still a mover, a shaker and now, a performer. We love to hear you sing sing sing. Your sweet little voice calls everyone's attention. We can't help but stop everything we're doing and listen, clap and join in! You're a force to be reckoned with and are always thinking up ways to entertain us in a dramatic way. It's so cute and funny. And now a talker, we know exactly what you are asking or saying even without those pronouns. "Mama, outside walk car park swing" Yep, got it! You are so in love with Tita (Nanita)  and your cousin, Eli - you love playing with them for hours on end with a lot of singing intertwined. 
  • Your favorite food right now is eggs. Allllll about it. Breakfast, lunch and dinner - over medium is the style you prefer. Oh and chicken is now a part of your diet (tiny bits). You are diggin banana's too. Still a picky eater which can make your family pull their hair out with frustration but still strong and healthy as ever. 
  • You sing "TWEENKLE TWEENKLE LEDA STAR" all day, everyday, even right before you fall asleep. You pretty much know "Row Row Row Your Boat"too. 
  • After Montessori school, you beg to watch "Yo Gabba Gabba"/still your favorite show
  • You love to hold hands while walking and look both ways before crossing the street (such a fast learner)
  • You know all your basic colors, can count from 1-10 and can sing the alphabet song!  
  • We are on our second week of potty training - doing great except for a couple spills
  • This summer, we've been trying to teach you some swimming techniques but it's not clicking. I think holding your breath makes you very anxious so we'll try next summer (no worries, it's a very big step!)
  • We have a great bedtime schedule now, dinner/reading/bottle/bedtime by 8:30!! yes, 8:30!! 
  • Still have to have a blanket almost everywhere - never leave home without it.
  • Big girl bed is all set up and ready to be slept on but we are keeping you in the crib till you are a little more comfortable (probably this weekend)
  • You are absolutely in love with your cousin, Eli! Best buds (so sweet together)
We love you little booger. You are doing so great and learning so much. I swear, we blink and you are taller, smarter and sweeter than ever before. Thank you for being the best little bundle of smartness with sweetness. Beso Beso Beso

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