Wednesday, September 5, 2012

1.5 years old

Here we are at 18 Months (more like 19 months // your mother is a busy bee and posted this a bit late). Olivia, you are a mover and a shaker. You're still dancing up a storm but now with a bit of humming. You're just itching to sing those lyrics. You are much more responsive to questions and directions. A sweet nod for yes and no helps communicate your needs. A simple pointing to what you want also helps with the communication. 

  • Your favorite food right now is spaghetti but mostly plain pasta. lately its simple foods that are not mixed with anything. It's a bit boring but your eating and that makes mama and dada happy. 
  • You now say "Wah" to Walk and you shake you hands if you want to get down with a light "Dow". If you point to your mouth, its because your hungry or want a bottle. If I ask you a question like "Would you like a bottle?" you jump up and nod your head like your so happy I got it right. You love words like "stroller" "juice" and "bath"
  • Oh and let the climbing begin (scared mama // biting lip) 
  • More and more you are holding our hands. Love this so much!
  • Favorite nursery songs - itsy bisty spider, twinkle twinkle little star, wheels on the bus... the classics. Oh and Ring around the rosy... I guess school sings this a lot because you immediately plop that butt down but just before "we all fall down" it's cute. 
  • we ask you what certain animals sound like and you know: Dog/ruff , Cat/meow (favorite of mine because you have the sweetest little voice), Cow/ Moo, Duck/quack, Frog/ribbit...
  • You know how to say and point where your head, hair, eyes, mouth, teeth, hands, belly, feet and toes... "What's this?" I touch your nose. You point to your nose and say "no..s"that's your nose.
  • cause and effect usually equals something falling and you say "ah oh"
  • There's just not enough stuff animals in the world right now. You want to bring 3 plus your blanket everywhere you go. Squeezing them and hugging them with love. 
  • Speaking of your blanket, you are very attached to this comfy thing ( i had a blanky too) Mama has to wash it at least twice a day. We actually have two for you... no three, they actually go in order in hierarchy, so if ones not available on to the next one. If they're not around, the tears come falling. So we make sure you are fully blanket stocked.
  • Still as lovable as ever :) You give hugs and kisses all the time as well as make sure everyone has a treat when we snack. 

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