Monday, March 2, 2015

Olivia's 4th Birthday Party!

The day was beautiful! We had a great time. Even though I can't sit still or carry on a conversation during these parties, I'm so thankful to see all our friends and family celebrating together. Olivia was loving life running around with her friends. A special thanks to Julie for taking all these great photos!! The cupcake sequence is a favorite of mine! Oh' and the Snake! pretty awesome surprise.

I told myself at the beginning of the new year, I would get back to blogging and documenting Olivia's growth. The last entry was at Olivia's 3rd birthday (a whole year went by) WHA. I hope to add more posts and keep it up. I think blogging starts as a personal goal but it kind of gets a bit lonely when their's no one to give you feedback. I try to just keep it for myself but I also love to share and connect with others. 20 questions was so fun for me but wasn't sure if people wanted more or if they were bored with it. I guess that's why it fizzled out - uncertainty. Well, one thing I know for certain is that I feel tons better when I do post so that should be my motivation! Thanks for tuning in whoever's out there :)
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