Friday, November 30, 2012

Olivia's Christmas Wishlist...

1. Who live's Here // any from this series but this one makes sense right now // also Mouk is good too!
2. Kitchen from Ikea // can order online! :) 
3. Animal Nesting Dolls // Love to collect these for her (nice to have when she's older too)
4. Veggie Set and Breakfast Set // a kitchen needs food.
5. Gallop // Olivia fell in love with this book at a friends house.
6. First Act Percussion Pack // music is a yes with Olivia.
7. Magnet sketcher // Yes. 
8. Shoenhut kid piano // any instruments would be great - Nanita Giannina wants to buy the piano :)
9. Easel // she loves to draw and paint like her mama so this would be a good start.
10. Children's chair // I think she'd love her own lounge chair.

Of course, we would love to find these things second hand (prefer it) so if you find any of these items around town or craigslist please give me a heads up or buy-em and gift-em // We are also putting together her "big" girl room which is so crazy but exciting to me. She's going into a twin size bed with her own little  globe lamp to turn on or off. We are also getting ready for potty training - I'm not rushing this, I'd like her to talk a little more so we can understand when she needs to go - but after her birthday in February we will begin the process - any suggestions would be great! 

oh and this thing would be fun in her room - okay I'm stopping now :) bye bye

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Secret Santa Gift Ideas

/1.Triangle Glass Locket $36 + $5 ship >$41
//2. 2013 Paquita Calendar $12 + $2 ship >>$14
///3. Business Card Case $13.50 + $2.25 ship >>>$15.75
////4. "Maw-come git yer coffee" $6 + $7.20 ship >>>>$13.20
/////5. Black cat Canvas tote bag $20 + $9 ship >>>>>$29
//////6. Gold and Quartz Droplets $28 + $4 ship >>>>>>$32
///////7. Whales A3 Canvas poster $45 + $9 ship >>>>>>>$54 
////////8. National Parks Checklist $35 + $5 ship >>>>>>>>$40
/////////9. Brass and Mint Wood Earrings $19 + $3 ship >>>>>>>>>$22

The last couple of years for whatever reason, our family abandon the whole secret santa gift exchange. What a bummer that was but I'm happy to say we are back in the spirit of things and exchanging our lists this year. Of course, looking at a list is not very exciting but it totally beats getting odd weird stuff that you have to secretly get rid of. I'm always looking at things I'd like to buy but just can't justify buying it for myself. So this idea of someone buying me what I want totally works for me!!  So here's my list secret santa! Go add it - don't chimp out either- haha $50 bucks all the way :) Oh and if you want an even $50 - I'll take a etsy gift certificate too! <--- easy way :)

The fun part is in the "WILD" gift item - where you must find something or place something in a jar. That will be the fun part! A big jar or a little jar // cotton balls or pickles // whatever fits the personality of your person. 

Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy the company and stuff yo face... gooble gooble

Monday, November 12, 2012


We spend a Friday running around Coon Hollo close to Micanopy. So much fun! Corn Mazes, Hay Rides, Popcorn and so many fun kid games. We were just as excited as Olivia... especially feeding the cows :) Great place for a family/friend day - very picturesque.

Thursday, November 1, 2012


So this year, we definitely put much more effort than last year (last year she was around 8 months and not one costume). We decided on being a witch with her little black cat and a papa wizard. We thought about trick or treating with some friends but really ended up staying home. It was too hard especially with a little girl who wasn't having her costume or pretty much anything else. She was tired (45 min nap..yikes) and hungry (picky eater). I think every year we'll get a little closer to the whole experience of Halloween and trick or treating. This year we stayed home and handed out some candy to mostly kids with no costumes // What's that all about! Not even a smug of zombie eye makeup or a bloody mouth. nothing. I kind of wanted to pull a Larry David and not give them any candy. I then though, I really don't want this candy plus whatever, kids want candy, so give it to them. Here are a couple pictures of our costumes.

So we are now approaching Thanksgiving and Christmas. It's amazing how much faster time passes as you get older. I have mixed feelings about this - at the moment, I'm enjoying the idea that in 6/7 months Zach will be done with school but on the other hand, Olivia will be turning 2 years old... what!... no! I mean yes, she's talking more - much more independent. I do enjoy watching her evolve into this independently beautiful little doll face girl but wait! my little girl doesn't need to be sung to get to get to sleep - what! no more baby toys - she can walk on her own. It's just a mixture of emotions while they grow. We are having fun with the process and learning to throw out any ideas of a fixed plan. It really boils down to what she wants to do now... that's all that matters. :)

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