Friday, November 30, 2012

Olivia's Christmas Wishlist...

1. Who live's Here // any from this series but this one makes sense right now // also Mouk is good too!
2. Kitchen from Ikea // can order online! :) 
3. Animal Nesting Dolls // Love to collect these for her (nice to have when she's older too)
4. Veggie Set and Breakfast Set // a kitchen needs food.
5. Gallop // Olivia fell in love with this book at a friends house.
6. First Act Percussion Pack // music is a yes with Olivia.
7. Magnet sketcher // Yes. 
8. Shoenhut kid piano // any instruments would be great - Nanita Giannina wants to buy the piano :)
9. Easel // she loves to draw and paint like her mama so this would be a good start.
10. Children's chair // I think she'd love her own lounge chair.

Of course, we would love to find these things second hand (prefer it) so if you find any of these items around town or craigslist please give me a heads up or buy-em and gift-em // We are also putting together her "big" girl room which is so crazy but exciting to me. She's going into a twin size bed with her own little  globe lamp to turn on or off. We are also getting ready for potty training - I'm not rushing this, I'd like her to talk a little more so we can understand when she needs to go - but after her birthday in February we will begin the process - any suggestions would be great! 

oh and this thing would be fun in her room - okay I'm stopping now :) bye bye

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