Thursday, November 22, 2012

Secret Santa Gift Ideas

/1.Triangle Glass Locket $36 + $5 ship >$41
//2. 2013 Paquita Calendar $12 + $2 ship >>$14
///3. Business Card Case $13.50 + $2.25 ship >>>$15.75
////4. "Maw-come git yer coffee" $6 + $7.20 ship >>>>$13.20
/////5. Black cat Canvas tote bag $20 + $9 ship >>>>>$29
//////6. Gold and Quartz Droplets $28 + $4 ship >>>>>>$32
///////7. Whales A3 Canvas poster $45 + $9 ship >>>>>>>$54 
////////8. National Parks Checklist $35 + $5 ship >>>>>>>>$40
/////////9. Brass and Mint Wood Earrings $19 + $3 ship >>>>>>>>>$22

The last couple of years for whatever reason, our family abandon the whole secret santa gift exchange. What a bummer that was but I'm happy to say we are back in the spirit of things and exchanging our lists this year. Of course, looking at a list is not very exciting but it totally beats getting odd weird stuff that you have to secretly get rid of. I'm always looking at things I'd like to buy but just can't justify buying it for myself. So this idea of someone buying me what I want totally works for me!!  So here's my list secret santa! Go add it - don't chimp out either- haha $50 bucks all the way :) Oh and if you want an even $50 - I'll take a etsy gift certificate too! <--- easy way :)

The fun part is in the "WILD" gift item - where you must find something or place something in a jar. That will be the fun part! A big jar or a little jar // cotton balls or pickles // whatever fits the personality of your person. 

Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy the company and stuff yo face... gooble gooble


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