Thursday, November 1, 2012


So this year, we definitely put much more effort than last year (last year she was around 8 months and not one costume). We decided on being a witch with her little black cat and a papa wizard. We thought about trick or treating with some friends but really ended up staying home. It was too hard especially with a little girl who wasn't having her costume or pretty much anything else. She was tired (45 min nap..yikes) and hungry (picky eater). I think every year we'll get a little closer to the whole experience of Halloween and trick or treating. This year we stayed home and handed out some candy to mostly kids with no costumes // What's that all about! Not even a smug of zombie eye makeup or a bloody mouth. nothing. I kind of wanted to pull a Larry David and not give them any candy. I then though, I really don't want this candy plus whatever, kids want candy, so give it to them. Here are a couple pictures of our costumes.

So we are now approaching Thanksgiving and Christmas. It's amazing how much faster time passes as you get older. I have mixed feelings about this - at the moment, I'm enjoying the idea that in 6/7 months Zach will be done with school but on the other hand, Olivia will be turning 2 years old... what!... no! I mean yes, she's talking more - much more independent. I do enjoy watching her evolve into this independently beautiful little doll face girl but wait! my little girl doesn't need to be sung to get to get to sleep - what! no more baby toys - she can walk on her own. It's just a mixture of emotions while they grow. We are having fun with the process and learning to throw out any ideas of a fixed plan. It really boils down to what she wants to do now... that's all that matters. :)

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