Tuesday, August 28, 2012

What works for us

Here are some products that helped us through Olivia's first year and still use to this day. I also included an alternative recipe for formula. I know each child is different. What works for us might not work for your little one but I thought it would be good to just throw out some alternatives if you're looking for some. I wouldn't mind if anyone has some more suggestions to add. Thanks!

Of course, I know I'm missing a bunch more but these are the ones off the top of my head.

  1. Baby Bjorn // this link is for one similar to the one we had. If you can find one second hand, buy it!! 
  2. Children's DHA // We give Olivia a dose everyday. It really makes a difference.
  3. Sound Machine // I'm obsessed with the ocean sound, it really puts the whole family in a more relaxed state.
  4. Liquid Multi-vitamin // We also give her a dose of this everyday. It has a lemony taste.
  5. Little table and chairs // Olivia eats at her little table every morning. She loves to push the table exactly where she wants it. 
  6. Snack box // This is great for a grab-it and go. Fill it up with lots of goodies and take it to the park, bike rides, playdates... anywhere.
  7. Bug spray // we all use this stuff. I love it because it's light and smells good plus no chemical crap :)
  8. Diaper area wash // we started using this as soon as it was put on the Target shelves. Its great because it freshens her up and helps wipe the crusty stuff (yep, all types of textures down there)
  9. Bla Bla doll // She hugs her Suzette all night long. We want everyone of these dolls... okay I do. She could care less. 
  10. Moccasins // These are great for winter months and they're soft on her feet.
  11. Tea Tree Oil ointment // THE BEST! We could live without most (ok maybe not the vitamins)of this stuff but this one. We use it alllllll the time... bug bites, scratches, bruises, bad diaper rash (it's on my top favorite baby things)
  12. Evenflo Car Seat // We had a cheap car seat when she was an infant. She hated that thing, don't blame her. We bought this thing and boom! new quiet child. Make sure it's comfy in the butt area.
  13. Toms toddler shoes // She runs a lot in these shoes.  
  14. Chinese Herbs // This is a great alternative to antibiotics. Of course, consult your doctor or acupuncturist. 
  15. Black Elderberry Syrup // great use during the seasonal changes (mix it right in with some juice and water)
  16. Shampoo/body wash // doesn't sting in eyes and has a very light fragrance.
  17. Re-usuable Diapers // Not shown // This is a great baby shower gift to give. We got a variety pack. I wish I was one of those moms that only used these but I'm a 50/50 mom. We use disposables at school and re-usuable at home. 
  18. Music Album - Do Fun Stuff - Vol.1 // Not shown // add this to your iTunes. It's great for all to sing plus you're donating to a great cause. Olivia swings her hips and claps her hands to most of these songs.
  19. Alternative Formula Recipe: Again with my 50/50 mom style, Olivia was only breast fed for 2 months. So I had to think fast with an alternative for the breast milk. We made this mixture for her around 4 months, after 2 months of stomach cramping, gas, crying, colicky and acid reflux. It totally worked for Olivia. Now, it might not work for any baby and so I should write again to consult a pediatric nutritionist or acupuncturist. Most doctors will probably deter you from doing this so go with your motherly instincts. I will say that most formula on it's own is very cold natured so adding these ingredients with help warm the baby's stomach which helps with digestion and bowel movement.
  •  1/4 cup of goat milk kefir
  • 1 to 2 tbsp of black strap molasses
  • 1 cup of chamomile tea
  • 2 tbsp of organic coconut oil
  • 32 oz of distilled water
  • 16 scoops of formula (Earth's Best or Gerber Good Start)
At 12 months, we switched out the formula mixture to half Goat milk and half Almond milk. 

Any suggestions are welcome! What really helped you out during the first few years? Would love to hear! Lately we are on the look out for a potty training chair and some great books/toys for learning colors, shapes, ABC's and 123's. Also music for her... some classic sing-a-longs w/o the cheese (if you know what I mean). Have a nice day!


  1. I love this post! I underestimated the profound effect the sound machine has on Eli. We just started using it and it's awesome. No more tip toeing on the creaky wooden floors. We got an updated Baby Bjorn that's softer/more cushiony & easier on your back for your next baby. I'm learning more & more on what to use for E, so I'll be looking at this list down the line. Thanks.

    1. Thanks! After our conversation, I thought it would be a great post to archive just in case I forget what we used. There's already so much I've missed like the bouncing chair and great shows she watched... books too. I'll do another one soon. Keep adding!!


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