Friday, February 22, 2013

Pizza Party!

Some of these pictures make me giggle... so funny. This last one... olivia's brown cake face smile. So, yeah we had a great party at Satchel's pizza in town - had some cupcakes and sang some kids songs. It was fun, fast and easy. Olivia skipped her nap and by cake time her tired eyes became very clear. She pushed on through but no piñata hitting for her. It was fun to watch the younger kids hitting the piñata  and looking around like what's going on here. Naim ended up whacking it hard enough for the candy to burst out. Fun times... thank you friends for hanging with us on a special day. I especially thank my Mom and Ross (they brought up a dryer for us- hahah our dryer died earlier that week) also my Dad and Eileen - they got a bit off track with directions but were able to be there for the birthday song. Another shout out to Flo and Ed, they couldn't make it but Olivia loved all her gifts... big gift boxes in the mail are always fun to open. so far 2 is starting out pretty good... a lot of hum singing and shouting out 5, blue, plane at random times and running a lot more. We're ready!

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