Monday, February 4, 2013

Olivia turns 2 Gift Guide!!

A/ Golden Acrylic Paints
B// LIL' Drum Set
C/// Converse Kids Chuck Taylor
D//// Sweater
E///// XYZ Alphabet Blocks
F////// Moccasins for Kids
G/////// Rody Horse 
H//////// Healthy Gourmet Food

So Olivia's turning two! February 16th... we are celebrating at a local pizza place in town - it's really the best pizza ever on the planet - Check it // Satchel's Pizza (even their website is awesome) One of Gainesville's treasures for sure.  I put together this guide just to keep things simple in my brain and also to give others some ideas. I'm always looking for some quality products // Like the Rody Horse - pretty amazing - it's a bouncy horse (yes, please) We got her a mini artist easel since she's all about painting these days... she's really understanding her colors quicker when we paint together. So far she seems to say booo, yehyoo, wed and reen. It's really cute. We splurged on this guy! Excited to see her face :)

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