Thursday, December 13, 2012

Mama's Gift Guide for Christmas

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It's doesn't feel much like Christmas around here. We just got some cold weather but for sometime now it was warm, gloomy and rainy. We decided on not getting a tree for maybe the simple fact that we have nothing to decorate it with. We're in this clearing out mode rather than buying more things that we'd have to pack and move in the coming months. We are starting slowly to pack up things into bins and label them. I'm kind of a freak about organization. In the last 5 years, my motto has been less is more but for some reason, I keep accumulating more things. Of course having a child creates more things, so I adopted an attitude of research and awareness. Almost everything I buy, I research it (reviews) and figure out where and what it's function will be in the house or for my wardrobe :). It's nice to start getting rid, basically donate, the things that no longer work for us. I would like this move to be a fresh start on the whole family. Olivia's getting bigger and closer to having a "big" girl room, Zach will have a new job in his field (crossing fingers) and I will be a exploring all the ways of supporting my creative side as well as my family side. It's coming soon and I'm really excited for it but first organize, donate, label and research. So my Christmas list consist of things that I'm replacing - like the boots (love them!) or adding - mainly jewelry. I definitely need pajamas for cooler months // Mixing bowls are a must in my house - my mother had this green set // and a sweet little "I love my family" sticker for my car // I'm not really into putting stickers on cars but I like having one thing that can help me find my car in a parking lot full of cars - so that's the function :)

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