Tuesday, May 21, 2013

In Transition...

Well, I miss this place/blog a lot. I feel a bit behind with all the major events happening. I really hope to get back in the swing of things. My computer is all set up and this makes me so so happy. I'm ready to blog away... if Olivia lets me, ha ha. She's a little Miss Bossy Pants these days. "MOM!" "No Waffle!" "MOM! sit here!!" "DADDY! UP!" <--- Hold me. We're so proud of her even through her bossy pants phase. She knows what she wants and in my book that's progress. If she gets aggressive with her demands that's when the discipline sets in and oh yeah we use "time out" at least twice a day. Kids definitely need boundaries. It really works. Well, I plan on a Milestone post because I need to record these little things that I'd like to remember for the future. This post is just a small entry to say I'm back and I'm ready to blog again. Yep yep.

COMING UP: Geminis, 15 questions for Scott Donald, Olivia's Update, Buzzing Around

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