Friday, October 11, 2013

Buzzing Around with Olivia and Eli

It's the end of hot summer days and the beginning of cool fall nights. Time to start packing up the bathing suits and pulling out sweaters! YES! Yes, please. Yeah, I do realize that today was like 90 degrees but it's just a mind thing that I like to play along with... iiiiitttt's getttttttting cooooolder (hypnotizing voice) Florida why can't you have seasons... urgh. I'm happy that these two have had a ton of fun together this summer... beach trips, park days, coloring together, building blocks, walking the dogs, and especially going to their cousin's birthday party recently. I have to document this amazing little friendship Olivia and Eli have. While we step into a new season we'll be experiencing new milestones for both of them. Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn! Goodbye 2's, Hello 3's (deep breath) I love them so much and will continue documenting their relationship together. (insert winking happy face) ;0)

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