Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Fall Festival

We were invited to spend the day with Olivia and her classmates frolicking around her school for their Fall Festival. They divided the groups of kids into Pilgrims and Indians. Olivia was a Pilgrim. A Pilgrim who in no way shape or form would wear her little white paper bonnet. She ripped that thing off immediately. She looked so cute but who blames her... they're annoying to wear, especially all day. She ran like the wind from one station to the next. Her school did a really nice job having so many fun things to do. As you can see, with all the pictures, we pretty much did everything. It was an enjoyable day being outside and spending time with each other. I hope to do more outdoorsy things coming this New Year. In December, we are camping with some fun Gainesville friends… looking forward to it!   

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