Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Our First Gluten Free Thanksgiving

I thoroughly enjoyed eating my Thanksgiving dinner this year and like most years, my plate was filled with all the traditional toppings like turkey, mashed potatoes, gf stuffing, cranberry sauce, three-bean salad and cornbread. Except this year, we made everything Gluten-Free since we're all going strong on this diet... except for Zach. He has beautiful healthy guts that are not effected by today's ugly wheat flour. He got lucky. I, on the other hand, am living the life of substituting all things that are gluten with almost any alternative. It can be challenging at very hungry times but for the most part, I get by with a little help from my gluten-free product friends. I'm happy they're coming out with more variety and better flavors. I'm thinking about making a gf pizza crust soon. We eat pizza A LOT - I'd say at least once a week. It's our easy go-to fast friday night dinner. We eat Udi's pizza and Against the Grain pesto pizza most of the time. We love it! but with all products, the flavor can get predictable and boring, so, I'm venturing into spending more time making pizza dough from scratch. We do make about 80 percent of our meals from scratch - lots of soups and latin dishes but not the pizza. The pizza comes out of a box and that's just not always the way we want to eat our pizza. Anyway, back to Thanksgiving, oh yes, food on my plate... it was oh so good but there was one thing missing. Oh yes, people, more family - a crowd. Gosh, last year was amazing with the amount of people we shared thanksgiving with even though none were close family family... friend family yes but our mothers or siblings, not so much. Even though I missed them all at that time, it may have been one of my favorite dinners ever. This year was spent with my mother, Zach and Olivia. It was just the four of us with plenty of delicious food. One good thing about making all the dishes at home was all the leftovers. That was nice. Whelp, that was our Thanksgiving - short and sweet but with lots of flavor. Let's hope that next year we can marinate the two years - last years crowd with this years food.

Look at this little model… so beautiful.

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