Friday, April 13, 2012

Busy Bee/Framing - Introduction

I'm an art framer and absolutely love it. I went to school at UF for Fine Arts and basically spent a lot of money to paint all day and drink beer; which is good and bad but we won't get into this. After graduating, I landed this "not so wealthy" of a framing job and I'm grateful that I did, even if I'm a little on the poor side. I've worked many of places; some retail, some food and some computer jobs. Framing just keeps coming back around to me. It's been 8 years now framing and I still get to see all sorts of really amazing artwork as well as some really bad stuff (stuff you question, really?). Meeting the people are just as cool as framing the pieces (the stories!) Overall I love using my hands and designing pieces that really need a boost as well as making friends with the community wherever I am.

Here are some photos from work:

I recently framed these florida watercolors (below as well) for the store and they sold a week later!

This is a Mola. Pretty interesting how popular they are. We get people saying they have one at home almost every week and that they want us to frame it exactly this way. I personally am not thrilled about the yellow but it really shouts out to the public "Hey look, I'm a Mola!"

I designed this one for my boss who is a big time collecter of maps, folk art and anything african. He doesn't need an excuse to frame. Anything and everything that can fit in a frame should be in a frame. haha

This is my little guy I framed to display at the store. It's cute. I painted him when I was pregnant with Olivia for an art show in Orlando. 

If I'm not mistaken, I think these are African herding sticks. I'll have to ask what they are called.

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