Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Little Miss Sunshine

We spent Easter day in St. Augustine visiting Nanita, Grandpa Buzz, Uncle Steve and Aunt Jana, and little cousin Natalia. It was very nice outside to say the least. We enjoyed walking on the beach and playing with the sand. We drove to the downtown area to see the Easter Parade. We got some lunch and walked around. It was such a pleasant day! Zach had to stay at the house to work on schoolwork.

I tell you... It's very hard to have one person in school while raising a child. I sometimes feel like a single parent. I'm sure Zach feels this way during the summer when I'm working a lot more. Olivia and I try and give Zach some breathing room on weekends so we plan to either go down to Orlando or visit some friends around town. Every time I can't help but look around for a helping hand. All the things you have to remember to bring and remember to use. I packed her a lunch because she seems to be a picky eater  these days. well, she didn't eat any of it. Of course my mother brought some toast and she gobbled it up. My mom and Olivia are very similar. Gosh they're birthday's are a day apart. I think I birthed my mother... haha. It's kind of awesome and kind of odd but my mother and I are very close so it's more awesome than odd. I hope Olivia and I have a similar relationship.

Well, back to feeling like a single parent. Yes!! I'm giving a shout out to Single parents! You are amazing people and I commend you for all the hard work you do with raising your kids. It puts so much in perspective. My parents separated when I was 11/12 years old and divorced when I was 13. I have a sister that's three years older. Yeah so two kids and with my mom working three jobs sometimes 4 it was tough.... real tough. Those are big years for young girls. I was "becoming a woman" and my sister was starting high school. It was kind of a disaster with a thin piece a thread (my mom) trying to hold us together. But with a lot of therapy, we survived!! Man did I have father issues... I still do - not hardcore just moments of distrust or detachment. I think it's something I can recognize more when I'm feeling it and not reacting to the feeling. I just talk about it now which is such a relief. Like this little paragraph. Nice! (kind of what this blog is all about)

Here are some more photos - camera battery died right after the beach so no parade shots or of the downtown area.


I hope Zach, Olivia and I can spend a weekend in St. Augustine this summer! It's such a great place to relax and gain perspective.

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