Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Busy Bee/Framing - Part 1

We got some beautiful prints from Society 6 at work last week. I love them and want them but it's for a display so I'll have to wait. If you are looking for some inexpensive lively art prints check out Society6. They have many categories to choose from as well as artist you can search for like myself! I put some of my prints on there to see if I have better luck selling. I hope so!

Well, I'm posting a series on the process of framing. It's just a step-to-step guide on designing and framing art prints. It's simple and fun! If you have any questions contact me with my new button on the right of my home page. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->>>>

 Isn't it exciting to get things in the mail... I love it!

I lay them out and look at all the details within each one.

 I love the texture on her hat.

 The plum color is gorgeous in this print.

The hints of red around the wings are striking.

 Matting is next!

The orange is wonderful in this piece. The top mat is not quite the right color.

This grey is a better match and I think I'll add the orange at the bottom but only 1/16 of reveal. I'm enjoying the wood grain finish on this frame. It reminds me of drift wood. If I were in the landscape of this picture I can see myself finding wood like this around.

so much to choose from...

The texture on this frame matches the texture of her hat! The Gold brings out the landscape and pops the blue sky out. I placed a fabric liner to make a nice transition from the frame to the image.

 I think I'll frame this right to the image. Make this one simple since it's got a lot going on.

In the same series frames from above. There was a plum colored frame. Perfect!


Stay tuned! I will start cutting the mats, mounting the artwork and building the frame for Part two. See you soon.


  1. Very pretty. I love framing my favorite scrap paper or prints I find. Quick and easy, cheap way to decorate.

  2. Thanks! Yes, so many options with framing. I also collect decorative paper and postcards all the time. I hope to post some more fun ideas on framing. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. i really like your process of choosing the color of the mats & frames. super cool!


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