Thursday, May 3, 2012

Little Miss O at 14/15 months

My little Olivia, what a sweetheart you are. You have such a sense of wonderment that your father and I love to watch. You are always ready for adventure and change.... an explorer at heart. We love to see you interacting with your peers and with adults. It looks like all the adults just can't get their eyes off of you. There's just something about you that people immediately go goo-goo over. Here are a few things we notice daily:

  • when someone walks into the room or walks by the front of the house, you immediately wave and say "Hi" (in a sweet little voice)
  • the bath, pool or just any kind of water to splash in gives you great enthusiasm... we know this by the swiftly waving of your hands, bouncing your body up and down and huge smile from ear to ear. 
  • if we ask where your nose is, you point to your nose and then start clapping. we all join and clap with a YAY!! then you stick your tongue out.
  • what a dancer you are! any music, any time and we see you boogie down. Oh' and you have this thing where you keep one leg stationary while the other leg taps which spins you around. Where did you learn that? hehe
  • you love blueberry pancakes, anything potato, anything crunchy, broccoli, carrots, brown rice, pears, strawberries, goat milk and yogurt.
  • the look you give us when you're talking Olivia language is so cute because you seem to think we know exactly what your saying. it's adorable.
  • lover of all animals / which are all called DAW (Dog)
  • anyone can pick you up after a brief introduction (always looking to us to make sure we're okay with it).
  • 8 teeth with some molars just about to surface
  • starting to give more hugs and closed mouth kisses ( haha, you use to open your mouth and cup our nose)

Here's some photos of you in the backyard:

All in all, you're a bright little lady with so much curiosity and excitement. We are lucky to be your parents and grateful for all the love you give us all day, every day. I Love You Miss Olivia, we love you!! Kiss Kiss

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