Thursday, May 10, 2012

Busy Bee/Framing - Part 2

We left off in Part 1 with designing each piece. This post is Part 2, mounting the artwork, cutting the mat and building the frame. There are so many layers to a framed piece of work. I think it's important for people to see the process of framing because it's kind of a big task. We do a lot of measuring, cutting, mounting, gluing, nailing, taping, cleaning, and wrapping. I love it! It keeps my hands busy and my mind at work. It's just too bad how expensive it can be but I always ask people how much they spend on a pair of nice prescription glasses (usually about $300 - granted they're usually designer frames). Framing can be as fun as buying a pair of stylish eyeglasses. Art framing is almost better because you usually don't lose the framed pieces as fast as a pair of glasses. It's an investment! You are supporting the artist as well as the small business framing shop.  Do some framing but only with pieces that you absolutely love!!

First we mount the print with archival photo corners. This is a completely reversible process.

This machine is called the Wizard (mat cutter). It's very magical and almost perfect.

First mat is cut and taped (acid-free double sticky tape) down to acid-free foam board. 

Voila! The bottom mat is reverse bevel and top mat is regular bevel. Looks nice!

Second piece is ready for it's frame.

For cutting the moulding, we want to adjust the ruler to our measurements.

 Bevel cut!

We marker the edges so the raw wood doesn't show when glued together.

 Time for wood glue

 Place two ends into the brace and then into the V-nailer. 

All done with mounting, matting and building the frames. Next we will do the fittings (glass, backing and hardware). I will post Part 3 next week! See you soon! Follow this blog if you wanna :)

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