Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mama's Day!

What a great day I had spending time with my mom and sister. This is my sister's first Mother's Day and my mom's first Mother's Day with her new grandson, Eli (What a cutie!). It was definitely a special day for all of us. My sister and I just looked at each other with amazement that we are finally "Here". "Here" meaning, our little families have started and are together celebrating! My mom was beside herself with all the love in the room that she ended up jumping around handing microphones for people to Karaoke. All the guys sang us "Help!" by The Beatles. That was funny! They did well! Zach and Ross (step-dad) made us waffles and bacon with Mimosa's. Kevin and Monica brought Quiche and Kale salad. Yummy!

We also had a visiting mama duck in the backyard. Well okay... It started out with a little duckling looking for her mama on the back porch. We caught it because it was just all over the place squirming and quacking. We walked it to the lake across the street and watched it swim off looking for it's mama. Then, thirty minutes later, mama duck retracked her baby's steps and ended up on the back porch with 6 of her ducklings. It was so sweet. We opened the side fence and out they all went across the street and ran straight for the lake. It was a cute little moment.

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