Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Weekend update:

On Friday, I set up a mini art show during Art Walk at the Citizens Co-op right on Main Street. It was a lot of fun. It didn't rain, people were very nice and social plus $2 imported beers! Some friends showed up which was awwweesome! Zach and Olivia were there hanging out which I loooooved! I sold some prints and an original, Thank you! It was a great start to a long fun weekend. I think I'll do it again!

On Saturday:

We hung out with friends at a BBQ, ate grilled corn (which I loooove), Olivia played in the pool and we sat around conversing about funny things like // how extraordinarily dumb one feels when they meet someone famous. I had an encounter... well we never met... so okay, I was in Nashville, TN visiting my old friends who are in this band // The Ettes // and they are friends with Jack White, hmmm okay. They really wanted to introduce me (or maybe they just wanted hang out with him, either way, I was going for the ride) so we went to his studio down the street from where they live. I'm totally not a musician and I'm really bad at acting like I know anything technical about music. I hardly know lyrics to songs or who plays what instrument in the band - I just love the music. So we walk in and there's all of the White Stripe records and all sorts of albums I haven't even seen from him // cool store area btw. I then started to get really nervous like what am i going to talk to him about... the same old cliches "I love your stuff, I I I love your music, I I I love you!" creepy stuff. So I hear Jack White in the other room talking to someone and my girlfriend looks back there and tells me he looks pretty busy. So I'm like perfect! Let's go, I can't take us just hanging out here for me to go up to the guy and say amazingly stupid stuff. So we leave and laugh and now I just tell people I heard his voice and I saw his studio and that's totally fine with me. So that was my little Jack White story - maybe I'll have something clever to say one day to a celeb that I meet // I think it's just getting them to smile at you or laugh at a joke you say. That would be the ultimate encounter for me but until then I'll stick with being behind the curtains.

Here's more pictures:

Sunday Morning ride:
Then a little swinging action:

Beautiful Florida sunset before all the rain came on Monday - no filter on this photo. 

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