Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Buzzing Around

we had a branch from an old tree fall on our porch at 11:00 at night. we were startled but fell right back asleep. (happy we are renters) 
took a nice early sunday walk

 houses we like to look at

she loves to stroll

with her tongue out

 stairs and columns

cool old buildings

 Party Mouth!

what I've been working on

 my muse

finishing up

she's very calming to look at

We've been on a great schedule lately. Zach's loving his internship and Olivia is in a new group at school which she loves. I was watching her the other day and she has her first friend! It was so cute to watch. They were playing together on this little mini slide. She kept glancing at the little girl like what should we do next. My heart melted. I love to see her sharing her toys or smiling at other kids. It was worrying me that she kept clinging to us and was a bit fearful to interact. I'm happy to say that it's not the case anymore. She's got friends now and her teachers tell us she's enjoying the interaction with her peers much more and loves to DANCE! Olivia is a tiny little dancer! 

My schedule is wonderful too. I get to paint more and also have time to clean the house as well as take a yoga class. Wow! Six months ago, I would have never thought I'd ever have the time to do anything but care for Olivia. With each milestone, we get better and better with change in general and reaching some of our personal goals in between. Optimism Bias - watch it!  

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