Monday, June 4, 2012

Thrift-ing Success!

I got off work a little early the other day and decided to check out some thrift stores on my way home. I totally am in a shopping mode... can you tell with my last post. Yikes! I am happy to say that I got all these items for $14. Yeah, that's a deal! I'm looking carefully at things and making sure it's what we need as well as good quality. I recommend anything handcrafted that's made well... like the hand thrown mugs and crochet blanket. The blanket is huge and for only $2.45. That's just crazy! I love the corduroy blue romper for when Olivia is a little older. She all ready loves her little chalk board and Cheetah! The blue wallet is for her to have when we go to a restaurant and she needs to play with something. I plan on putting plastic rewards cards from stores in the pockets for her to pull out and play with. The grey purse is plain but I love it! All in all, it was a good thrift-ing day (it was only a hour to fine all these things!) Happy Thrift-ing!!

Oh' and after showing all these items to Zach, he was motivated to do a little thrift-ing himself. Here's what he found.

BOOKS! Good find babe!

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