Friday, June 29, 2012

Zach's Birthday Surprise

Back: Chad, James, Nakia, Zach, Cody, Domino (pug), Brenden and Dianya
Front: Yogi (pug), Jeff, baby Sophie and Veronica

On June 21st, Zach turned 36. Yep, a whopping 36. I "kind of" surprised him by inviting his best buds for some cake and ice cream. I say "kind of" surprised him because I just didn't tell him a small herd of his friends were coming over but still decorated the house as if a party were to happen. I was a bit chillax about it and it worked out great. He didn't really ask why the house was decked out with party garland and such. I just said that I wanted to celebrate with decoration even though it would just be us. He was cool with that and of course thanked me. He's such a sweetie. I bought a Fresh Market chocolate cake and some Greenwise vanilla ice cream. Dang it was good. so yummy. We sang him a Happy Birthday and he smiled.

Note: So I feel I should point out that 5 people in this photo are Geminis // June born babies (including me would be 6), Craziness.

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