Tuesday, July 3, 2012

South Florida Weekend Visit Update

We had a short but sweet little visit down south after Zach's birthday. The weather was a bit up and down (Tropical Storm Debby) but we managed to do some fun things. The Zoo was awesome! If you're ever down south in the Palm Beach section of town --- Check it out! I don't know if Olivia was having as much fun as we were but she definitely saw some amazing creatures. She did get to run around the park at times and how can I forget the end of the visit. The big water fountain thing-a-ma-giggy in the middle of the park was amazing! Olivia jumped right in and splished splashed. Can I just say Florida needs way more of these water park fountain things. I wish wish wish we had one in Gainesville. It's just a great idea when its hot and you have kids that are not yet old enough to swim but still fun for older kids to jump around in. I think Olivia would pick playing in water over anything :)

We walked the Downtown section and ate Oysters with our cold beers. We strolled the Lake Worth Pier. The pier is always interesting to me (mainly the people on it). I kind of wish I took some more photos capturing the kids running around, couples making out and the fisherman with their fishes.

We also went to the beach one day and played in the sand. The tide was mega strong so we stayed on the sand and took pictures. It was still pretty and relaxing. Ahh, I love the beach!

Another fun thing was playing around the house with Nana Flo and Grandpa Ed. They had a ball with Olivia. She was all over the house picking up stuff animals that Nana Flo had arranged around the house (good thinking!) She had a basket to place all the stuff animals in but seemed to pull them in and out ever second she had. It's really cute to watch her sorting out her ideas in her head and seeing what she comes up with. She also has this sweet little voice kind of whispering while she organizes. so cute. We had a little mini photo shoot in the backyard area. She had to have the rocks!!

I also have to point out how good we eat every time we visit Zach's folks. Nana Flo is such a great cook! Every meal, we had such delicious home prepared food. I could tell Zach's was loving it! It's always nice to be back home, sitting at the table and eating your mom's cooking. Zach and I cook a lot at home but have recently been uninspired. We came back with a slew of recipes we want to make. Thanks Flo for the inspiration!

All in all, it was a nice little relaxing family trip even with all the wind and rain.

Have a great week!! I should give a heads up that I don't really know if anyone is following this blog or not. I'm hoping to use this blog to connect with other moms, artist or whoever wants to join in on conversations. I'm happy to respond to comments or maybe you want me to follow your blog. I could very well be talking to myself. heh and that's fine too. :)

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