Monday, July 9, 2012

Moonrise Kingdom------> Nah

Only read this if you've watch the movie, k.

I hate to say this but I almost fell asleep through the first half of this movie. That's a really bad sign if I wanted to fall asleep. I wasn't even tired or anything. Zach and I had an afternoon to ourselves so we planned a cute little lunch date at The Jones Eastside. The food there is really good. Then we went to the 2:40 showing. We were ready for some good Wes Anderson action. The first sequence of the movie, I just wanted to shake my head. I wanted to wake myself up and stand up to the screen and yell "NO, no, no" "We saw this already" "You are smarter than this" It's a bit harsh but with movies Zach and I are prea-tty harsh. I just can't believe he did another movie so stiff (stiff in an overly done way). I mean, the other movies like Royal Tennebaums and Life Aquatic were a bit stiff (well, Royal Tennebaums works because of all the people moving in and out of the scenes, so it's not as stiff) but this movie was like being in the military. I guess it was a boy scout kind of movie and maybe that's a correlation but it's also a love story. Which as I say this, I can't even really say it's a successful love story because the boy just didn't do it for me. He had no charm and no interesting inner turmoil. He just seemed lazy and uninterested in every scene. I thought he was visually cute and sweet but not for the main character! The girl was better but still lacked something which I'm still trying to figure out. Of course, Bruce Willis, Edward Norton, Frances McDormand, Bill Murray and Jason Schwartzman (<--- celebrity boyfriend)  did some good acting and I should add that the second half of the film helped overshadow the first half (because more people in scenes moving around). It was just messy in a "I'm going to be so perfect" kind of way. This may not make any sense to anyone but hopefully it does. I was not intrigued by the movie. I didn't want to run home and start painting or take fun pictures. I just wanted to pump my fist in the air and sigh. I still love Wes Anderson Movies but I will probably just put this one as my least favorite. Venting now over :)

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