Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Buzzing Around

I'm a little late with all my post. I hope to get on a better schedule soon. I wish all weekends are as fun-friend filled as this weekend was. I was able to accomplish some things with my artwork and sold a bit! Yay! as well as, have a nice little brunch with Michelle and Chris //visiting from NC// Alecia and Coda - totally love that kid and so does Olivia // I love the way they interact plus Alecia has the whole mothering thing down! I'm always observing and taking down pointers. Zach made awesome french toast and I scramble some eggs with kale, cherry tomatoes (fresh picked) and some feta cheese. It was all so yum. I tried a beermosa // Blue Moon beer mixed with orange juice. Really good! Oh' and Chris sliced some fresh mango. So gooood. 

I've got a couple more post coming this week. Like: Zach's 25 questions (looking forward to reading them... i haven't peeked) and some more buzzing around in Orlando recently. I hope to write some more. I haven't really had a lot of time to get my head wrapped into anything but I have some topics brewing. Have a great day! 

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