Tuesday, August 7, 2012

25 Questions for Zach

    Name: Zachary Alexis Veltheim
    Born: 06/21/1976

    1. What does the name Veltheim translate to? I believe it translates to "World House" or "Field House". My dad jokingly said that that probably means outhouse.
    2. Where are your family roots from? My father was from Helsinki, Finland. My mother's father was from Motherwell, Scotland (which is right outside Glasgow) and her mother was from Moundsville, West Virginia (though her family had been in America since before the revolution).
    3. How have your parents influenced you? It might sound cliche but they encouraged us to follow our inspirations and live life as we saw fit.
    4. If your dad were here today, what would you like to say to him? or want to do with him? I would tell him that I love him and then we could go snorkeling.
    5. Can you remember your earliest childhood memory of happiness and that of fear? Earliest memory of happiness, I guess, would be sitting in our backyard with my parents, brother and cat. This was probably around 3 years old. The earliest fear memory would probably be watching the closet to make sure shadow monsters didn't come out.
    6.  Is there something in your life that you feel very passionate about? Humans are rapidly making the world uninhabitable for most life, including themselves. That's pretty sad.
    7. If you could be any animal, what animal would that be? plant? and insect? why? For an animal I would be a bird, maybe a hawk or kestrel. It would be so amazing to fly. If I were a plant, I would probably be a tree. Maybe a Live Oak with branches that reach out down to the ground. kids could climb all over me. I love insects but I don't think that they "enjoy" life so I don't have much desire to be one. But I guess I would become a honeybee. It would be interesting to be part of a superorganism and see ultraviolet wavelengths. 

    8. What is it about Landscape Architecture that keeps you satisfied for it to be your career? It is almost always different with projects at many different scales. It also provides a mix of art, science and sociology (a must for me). 
    9Can you tell us something that you just learned that intrigued you? I have been watching a lot of hummingbirds feeding at my work. They are incredible little birds. I recently learned that they can beat their wings 200 times per second. This is accomplished because they have muscles that power the up and down stroke instead of just the down stroke as other birds do.
    10. What is your perception of how people see you? It is probably as someone who doesn't talk much (until I know them). Then I talk too much once I do.
    11What are the qualities that draw you to people that you can base a friendship on? I guess that they are open and genuine. 
    12What's the best and worst decision you ever made? That is a very hard question. There are many decisions I have made that could be considered for either. I will just quickly pick two. For my best decision, I will say deciding to go to your art show at the Top restaurant. We were able to reconnect. This led to our relationship and Olivia. The worst decision is harder. I will pick one out of many. A few years ago while flipping through records at a record sale. I passed by a copy of Gal Costa's 1971 live album 'Gal A Todo Vapor'.  Someone else got it and I have cursed myself ever since. It is an amazing album from an amazing artist. The worst thing is that it was only $1. Or maybe the worst was passing up that copy of 'Rat On!' by Swamp Dogg.

    13. Can you narrate to me your proudest moment? I'm very proud of Olivia. She is a wonderful little girl.
    14What do you find most ridiculous about life? People are incredibly ridiculous creatures. Their ability to think deeply and shallowly (all at once) has led to all kinds of comic/tragic misadventures throughout history.
    15Can you share a topic that causes your blood to boil? See question #6.
    16In what ways do you think you'll influence Olivia? I'm amazed at how much of a learning sponge kids are. Olivia is very perceptive at picking up actions, sounds, whatever you do. So, as a parent, you have to be very careful about what you put out there for them take in. If I'm not careful, she'll pick up my bad sense of humor. It may be too late. She already seems pretty silly.

    17. If Olivia came home with a shaved head, an "I love dad" tattoo and let's just throw in a creepy boyfriend - how would you handle/deal with it? At 18 months, she is probably to young for any of those things. I would talk with her and hope that the things we've taught her will lead her to make good decisions.
    18Is there a song, book or piece of poetry that really resonates with you? There are many. One song that strikes me quite a bit is 'Attica Blues' by Archie Shepp. "If I would have had the chance to make the decision, every man could walk this earth on equal conditions. Every child could  do more than just dream on a star. All the strife and death would cease and I would put an end to war." It helps that this message is transmitted in such an amazingly raucous manner.  
    19How does it feel being a father? It's amazing. There's this little person who is growing and forming. Every day a little more of her personality comes to the surface. It's like she is slowly unraveling who she is to the world. And as a parent you get to be part of introducing the world to her. It's really a special experience.
    20What are your favorite and not so favorite things in being in a relationship? My favorite thing about being in a relationship relates back to something I mentioned in question #7. Humans are social organisms and as such can be more effective when bonded with others. Being in a relationship allows those individuals to make up a quasi-superorganism. Together you have increased brain power and social power. And it's really great to cuddle. My not so favorite thing about being in a relationship is my need to fulfill my loner side. Sometimes I want to be alone. These things can't always happen when you want them to. 

    21.What was your first impression of me? My first impression of you was as someone very beautiful and playful.
    22How accurate do you now think it was? and on which counts do you think you were totally wrong and on which were you right? I was totally accurate on both counts. I'm finding out new things to reinforce those initial perceptions all the time.
    23What is your idea of a truly romantic evening? A truly romantic evening is one where a couple can spend time with each other in a way that they can learn new things about the other and themselves. It is romantic to actively experience the relationship deepening
    24. Can you name three qualities that attracted you when you met me/got to know me? As I mentioned early you are very playful. This sense of fun and humor is important to me for a happy life. Your sense of openness and caring really pulled me towards you as well. You also have a very creative mind. Creative mind, open heart and funny bone.
    25If you could take a peek in your future (say 10 years from now), what would it look like? It would look like Scrooge McDuck diving in to a swimming pool of money. Except, instead of money, it would be happiness. And I would be human instead of a duck.

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