Wednesday, June 12, 2013

South Florida Weekend Update

What a great weekend spending time with Zach's folks. (last visit) It's always a treat going down there. It's the closest to a vacation we've had in months (maybe even in a year // sad face). The breeze, palm trees and water constantly reminding me that I'm in Florida - South Florida! relax - take a breather // enjoy. It's been so hectic lately with all the crazy events happening in our lives. I thoroughly enjoyed the visit and we plan to come back sooner than later. Olivia's so much fun these days - all curious about things like - planes, wind, animals and insects. She's dancing so much more and really wanting to sing. Just the other day, she sang Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. I was so impressed! Along with all the fun things, theirs the not so fun things like - being miss bossy pants, ignoring us, tantrums and skipping naps. It really is an upward and downward process with parenthood. You win some and you lose some battles. What really helps with all of this, is knowing we are growing and only moving forward. Also reminding myself that today could be lame but tomorrow may be the best day! My advice to any new parents - learn to be Flexible!

So I must say a BIG thanks to Nana Flo and Grandpa Ed for the wonderful visit :)

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