Thursday, December 19, 2013

A Lady Gift Guide

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I'm loving this little list. I haven't done one of these in awhile - well I guess since last year. I just got the boots a couple weeks ago and love them… to bad it's not very cold here in Florida (sad face). I would really love to get the gold charm with Olivia's birth date engraved on the back… so sweet. The grey farm bag is from a company called MAKR. My sister has one in navy. It's made really really well and with a hefty price tag - it might be a bag you carry for a lifetime. The tree print I got on an Instagram sale - I was excited to receive it but sadly it's a digital print of the stump (boo). It's still a nice image to look at. The Clarisonic! I want one bad! My face needs this thing. The last time I got a facial (maybe a year ago) the lady told me "buy this thing, it's awesome!" but still haven't the extra cash for it. Once I do - I'm getting it unless I win it from Instagram (crossing fingers). Happy Holidays!!

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